Sheffield Air quality garden

Welcome to Sheffield Air Quality Garden. We aim to raise awareness of air pollution by showing visitors the physical effects of poor air quality on our indicator plant species.

We also offer a range of hands-on learning activities for school groups from May to September.

Here you will find learning resources about air pollution, information about our project, our team, and how you can get involved.

Current Sheffield Air Pollution Levels

(Near real time data)                                             

Current AQI:

Individual Pollutants:

  • PM2.5: µg/m³
  • PM10: µg/m³
  • Ozone: µg/m³
  • NO2: µg/m³

Tomorrow's AQI:

An illustration showing air nitrogen oxides, volatile organic compounds and carbon monoxide being emitted by a lorry and a factory, and ozone being formed from them by a reaction using the sunlight

Air pollution is any chemicals or particles in the air that are harmful for your health.

An image of Sheffield Air Quality Garden

We use plants which are particularly sensitive to pollution to give us an idea of local air quality.

We offer a range of air pollution science activities for school groups.

A photograph of a clean air zone sign on a street corner, with a bus and van in shot

What’s going on at Sheffield Air Quality Garden.